Supporting joint degree students

A joint degree student is a student who is studying subjects in two departments within their degree - usually those who have a strong interest in more than one area or wish to develop two areas of specialism. 

Issues affecting joint degree students

  • Being between two departments and learning two referencing styles.
  • Can be unsure about who to go to with an issue.
  • Can often not feel a strong sense of belonging to either department.
  • Can feel like they need to go many different places for information, instead of just their Personal Tutor (who may be from their home department, but may not teach the subject they are after advice on).
  • A students’ Peer Mentor is often from their home department and may not have experience of the other department the mentee is part of.

Ways to support joint degree students

  • Ensure academic support hours for both departments are clear and easily accessible, both online and within the department.
  • Contact departments in advance where joint programmes exist, to ensure clear communications are in place, particularly relating to deadlines, timetabling, departmental handbooks and general expectations.
  • Ensure clear information is available within prospectuses and webpages about life as a joint degrees student, to help manage expectations.
  • Consider drop-in sessions and workshops for support with module choices
  • To help strengthen a sense of belonging, consider social events for students on joint degree programmes.
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