Supporting a student who may be at risk

Very occasionally a student may exhibit or refer to disturbing behaviour or thoughts which lead you to believe they may be at risk of harm to themselves or others and that there is need for urgent intervention. You may be concerned because the student:

  • is expressing thoughts of serious self-harm or suicide
  • is violent, or threatening violence to people or property
  • seems very disorientated and out of touch with reality, including having hallucinations, hearing voices or expressing paranoid or irrational beliefs

If you're concerned that a student is at risk, please report your concern without delay, as well as encourage the student to seek help themselves. You should also let your senior tutor know.

In very extreme circumstances, if a student’s behaviour is disruptive, they may be excluded under the Study and Wellbeing Intervention Policy and Procedure (.pdf). Contact our Student Services Hub for further information.

Where a student or those around are at immediate risk, the police or ambulance should be called (via security at your campus).

Out of office hours support

Our friendly Security staff provide 24-hour, face-to-face and phone support for students, staff and visitors and should be contacted in the first instance with any concerns.