Whistleblowing policy

“Whistleblowing” means the raising of a concern or making a disclosure that is in the public interest, ie. it is a disclosure of serious wrongdoing that has an impact beyond the individual making the disclosure. Concerns may be raised by employees, workers, students, contractors, visitors or members of the public.

The raising of such concerns can make a positive difference, alerting the University to serious risks or malpractice that might otherwise take time to come to light. Individuals who make disclosures under the terms of the Whistleblowing Policy (.pdf) will be protected and supported.

Where concerns are of a personal nature, they must be raised under other procedures, such as the grievance procedure.

Although workplace concerns would normally be raised with line managers, it is recognised that the seriousness of some issues may require disclosure under this procedure.

Disclosure should normally be made to the Registrar and Secretary in the first instance. The next step may then be an investigation. The individual making the disclosure will be kept informed of progress in so far as possible, bearing in mind the need to protect confidentiality of other parties.

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