Your health and safety responsibilities

The law requires the University to protect you from work-related harm. The University, UECS and Wivenhoe House Hotel (WHH) each have a Health and Safety Policy which describes the legal responsibilities and we all have to look after ourselves, our students, work colleagues and others who may be affected by what we do at work.

Following your organisation's Health and Safety Policy will help you to ensure you are meeting your legal responsibilities and playing your part in contributing to a safe and healthy work, study and living environment.

Employee guides

Please read your organisation's employee guide for an overview of their policy:

Refer to our policies and standards for your organisation's Health and Safety Policy.

Your responsibilities

The health and safety of our staff and students is very important and we all need to work together to make doing things safely part of our day-to-day work. As a member of staff you have a responsibility to look after your own health and safety and that of others who could be harmed by your work activities.

Follow safe working practices 

Make sure you follow the safe working practices that apply to your work. Your manager will tell you about local safe working procedures. You can also find out about the University’s health and safety standards in each subject area on this website.

Find out how to do things safely

You must take part in health and safety training and development required for your role. Your manager will help you identify your health and safety training needs.

If you organise activities, projects or events, you are responsible for making sure it is safe. See our advice on risk assessmentrisk assessmentrisk assessment and planning eventsplanning eventsplanning events. If you need help, please email

Your concerns about health and safety

Tell us if you have concerns about health and safety. You can get advice if you are not sure how to do things safely. Report accidents, work-related ill-health and hazards or any health and safety concerns you have. This will help us to improve and may prevent a work colleague or student from being harmed.

Help our students to do things safely

We are all responsible for contributing to the health and safety education of our students, so it is important that we all set an example by exhibiting safe behaviour. If you organise curricular and extra-curricular activities for students involve them in finding out how to do things safely.

Fire safety responsibilities

Please also familiarise yourself with the fire safety responsibilitiesfire safety responsibilitiesfire safety responsibilities you have.

Additional roles and responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities given above, you may have additional responsibilities depending on your role:

Student responsibilities

If you're a student at Essex, make sure you're familiar with our health and safety student responsibilities. Knowing this will also help you develop skills on health and safety risk management.

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