Contacting a Designated Safeguarding Officer

The University has a team of trained Designated Safeguarding Officers who are available on each of our campuses.  

Their role is to act as a source of support, advice and expertise when staff or students have a concern about a possible risk of abuse or neglect, or when a person may be vulnerable.

They are familiar with our Policy on Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk and our safeguarding procedures, and have knowledge of our support services for both staff and students.

Designated Safeguarding Officers are available in Human Resources and Student Support and you may also have a Designated Safeguarding Officer in your department.

Contact your designated officer 


In accordance with data protection legislation, information you submit is kept in confidence. However, specific action made need to be taken based on the information you give us to protect the health and welfare of our University community. Although we strive to ensure privacy  we can't always guarantee absolute confidentiality.

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