Requests for research information

A great deal of research management information is available via the Tableau dashboard service including:

  • Applications, awards and external funding
  • Citation and publishing metrics
  • Research related KPI reports
  • Collaboration and Impact data

Please note that differentiated access to the detail held in the reports is in place depending on the role held and the faculty. For example, HoDs can only access information on their department – but in your role you may have broader access and so we ask that you respect the permissions in place and escalate any queries that may require a change in permissions to

About Tableau

Tableau is the data dashboard service at Essex. Access requires you to be on site logged on to the wired network or connected via the university VPN service.  

Tableau supports a range of devices and there is an Apple Tableau app available for free download from iTunes store. If you’re an Android user you can get your version through the Play Store. Please bear in mind that whilst reports have been catered towards being used on devices such as phones and iPads, the report view works best when used on a desktop, and scaling to smaller screens may hinder performance.

Getting help

If you require any further assistance with these reports or the use of Tableau, you cannot access the report in the way you believe you should be able to or you have other data requests please do not hesitate to get in contact at

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