Due diligence background and context

The purpose of due diligence is to ensure that the University is aware of the risks presented by a proposed research partner, and can take the necessary action in advance to mitigate such risks, or choose to refuse working with the partner if there is a significant risk associated with them.  Due diligence will enable the University to evaluate whether the proposed partner has the academic, financial, reputational and legal standing to ensure a high quality and sustainable working relationship.

Due diligence refers to the checks which the University has in place to identify and manage risk before an activity goes ahead.

An appropriate and proportionate approach is taken to due diligence for externally funded research projects where the University has the responsibility of managing the funding for external research partners.

It is particularly important that a thorough approach is taken to due diligence projects that are deemed to be at high risk, and it is acknowledged that this work will be necessarily time consuming. Funding organisations are periodically auditing universities on their processes around due diligence pertaining to funded research projects.  Undertaking such due diligence is often a condition of funding.

If your research proposal or project involves co-investigators from overseas organisations or a UK based organisation that is not a HEI, we must complete proportionate financial and capability due diligence checks. 

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Dr Devon Wybrow-Miller Research Governance and Planning Officer (Due Diligence)
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