In October 2016 the University policy regarding the deposit of your completed thesis changed. If you have successfully completed your research degree at the University of Essex you should submit an electronic copy of your thesis to the University of Essex Research Repository. This must be done prior to confirmation of the award of your degree. It is no longer a requirement to submit a bound copy of your thesis to the Albert Sloman Library.

The digital copy of your thesis held in the Research Repository will usually be made available as open access through the repository and the British Library’s EthOS service unless you indicate that you would prefer this not to happen. Under some circumstances, however, you can request that access to the digital version of your thesis is restricted. Requests to restrict access to your thesis should be made to when you deposit your thesis in the research repository.

Deposit your thesis in the Research Repository

Read our handy guide: Research Thesis deposit instructions (.pdf). Contact us If you require further assistance.

Advantages of making your thesis available online

  • It enables your thesis to be read and accessed by anyone without having to visit the university library.
  • It has the potential to enhance your reputation as a researcher by allowing you to disseminate your research as widely as possible with minimal effort. This could lead to your research contributing more visibly to related research on the topic, make it easier for other researchers to include your work in their literature reviews, and maybe even lead to enquiries from other researchers or institutions who would like to collaborate further.
  • It makes the University's research outputs more visible, thereby enhancing our reputation.
  • It contributes to the open access agenda in which research papers and theses are being made available without barriers to the public, to small and medium enterprises and to other researchers.

Restricting access to your thesis

The following issues which are those that you might consider if you wish to restrict access to the online version of your thesis in the research repository.

Personal data

If you thesis contains personal data relating to individuals who haven’t given consent for their data to be made available online access to the full text of your thesis should be permanently restricted in the research repository.

Sensitive information other than personal data

Your thesis may contain content sensitive information that could mean open access to the full text of your thesis is not feasible. For example, if your thesis includes any potentially sensitive commercial information, any information provided in confidence or information relating to security matters access to the full text of your thesis should be permanently restricted in the research repository.

The requirements of any funding you have received

If your degree was funded by a Research Council you should check if your funder requires a particular deposit option, as some research councils require an open access deposit. If you have been funded by a commercial or other private funder you should make sure that you comply with their requirements regarding access to the completed thesis.

Possible future publication of your research

Access to the full text of a thesis in the research repository can be restricted if you are concerned that including the text may prevent you from finding a publisher for your thesis.

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