Right-to-work checks

Right to work checks 

The interview invitation will request that all shortlisted candidates bring their right to work documentation with them to interview where this is in person. It is the department’s responsibility to verify (confirm that you are satisfied that the documents you are presented with appear genuine and are a good likeness to the candidate), sign and date copies of these.

The successful candidate’s documentation should be attached to the online appointment form. Documentation for unsuccessful candidates must be confidentially shredded by the department. If a candidate fails to bring the documentation to the interview, the interview can still proceed.

All right-to-work checks must be carried prior to the start date, either by copying the physical documentation or carrying out a Home Office online check in conjunction with a Zoom call. Employers' right to work checklist - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).

Full details of carrying out checks and accepted documentation can be read in the right-to-work in the UK guidance.

Please use this template (.docx) to make the copies of the right to work documentation as it captures all of the information required at this stage.

Remember that there are both University rules and Home Office rules relating to the total hours students can work during their studies.

An individual’s visa will say if they can work in the UK, if there are any restrictions on the type of role they can undertake and, if so, how many hours per week (usually during term time in the case of Tier 4/Student visas). You should ensure that any on demand or temporary contract does not go beyond the visa expiry date.

The visa holder must only work the hours stated on their visa. During vacation periods, Student Visa holders can work longer hours, but you must check what term time rules apply to them as the University term dates do not apply to all individuals. Students must also provide details of their academic term and vacation dates covering the period of study during which they will be employed. University staff can request the information by emailing International Services. It can take up to 5 working days for this letter to be produced and possibly longer during busy periods. Those on Tier 4/Student visas must also complete a declaration form (.pdf). Students on Short Term Student visas and are not allowed to undertake any work. Please speak to your Resourcing Adviser if you need further information. 

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