Systems Development team

The Systems Development Team is divided into 2 sub-teams:

Student Systems and Data

The Student Systems and Data Team is a specialised team within the Academic Section that builds, supports and develops ESIS (Essex Student Information System) and related integrated student systems on behalf of the section Business Owners.

The systems relate to the lifecycle of a student record after point of Admission* (Admissions Systems are managed by the respective Admissions Teams), this includes partnership records, until Graduation.

The team acts as the liaison between Business Owners and Digital Innovation and Technology Services, with whom it works very closely with. All enhancements and development is subject to approval by ASSG (Academic Section Systems Group) or PCG (Project Co-ordination Group).


  • The System Team’s primary responsibilities are design and development, solution integration, end-to-end testing, system and solution demos, and release of systems and enhancements for those systems relating to the student life cycle*. With the exception of Course Records development which is managed by who also report to ASSG. These can be improvements to Business as Usual (BAU) or related to strategic objectives of the university.
  • Reporting on data relating to section owned systems at an individualised student level and preparation of reports and statistics related to student data to inform Academic Section planning and development, and in support of overall University strategy. However, top level cohort data requests fall under the remit of the Planning Office.
  • Support the integration of systems which includes end-to-end solution testing where necessary, and the deployment and release of new systems and enhancements.
  • Introduction to ESIS training (bookable via HR Organiser) and advisers to Business Owners on System Training in relation to their processes, this includes day to day operational support.
  • Supporting the Results Processing System (RPS)
  • Management of projects for the development of and enhancement to student systems.

Underlying source data issues should be directed to the Business System Owner of the process impacted as the Student Records Data Team remit encompasses the technical support of the systems listed below and not the ownership of the data contained within.

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Systems Development

Timetabling and Room Bookings

The Timetabling and Room Booking Team is a specialised team within the Academic Section responsible for the creation and maintenance of the University’s central timetable, and the management of room bookings within centrally allocated spaces on the Colchester and Southend campuses.

The Timetabling and Room Booking Team works collaboratively with colleagues across academic departments and Professional Services to gather accurate teaching and room booking requirements. We manage the balance between timetabled teaching events and other events that need to take place on the University’s campuses, while optimising the utilisation of space.


  • Support the production and publication of the University’s timetable at the end of August
  • Train Departmental Timetable Officers in timetable processes and support the collection of timetable information
  • Action individual student timetable change requests, such as moving class groups
  • Liaise with the Departmental Timetable Officers to resolve timetable issues that may arise
  • Coordinating the collation and booking of rooms for core University activities, such as calendared meetings, graduation, exams and Welcome Week
  • Provide a room booking service for non-teaching events, for staff and Student clubs and societies
  • Maintain an accurate record of centrally-managed rooms and related resources, liaising with Estate Management Section and Innovation and Technology Solutions as appropriate

Getting in touch


For timetabling queries or teaching delivery changes, academic staff should contact their respective Departmental Timetabling Officer.

Staff can book a room for meetings, conferences or other non-teaching event using the online form. General queries can be sent to


Queries should be referred to their academic department in the first instance.

Clashes and class change requests can be reported through the online timetable.

Students’ Union clubs and societies should use the online form to place a room booking request.

Individual students are able to access central teaching rooms for private study when they are available. Students can book a room for group study through their academic department, who can sponsor and submit a booking on their behalf.

External organisations:

To book rooms at the University of Essex for meetings, conferences and other events external organisations should contact our Event Essex team.

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Telephone: 01206 872955
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