From December 2020 through to January 2021 the YUFE alliance is offering mobility and training opportunities for staff members of all member universities.

These include teaching activities for academic staff, and other activities such as job shadowing, professional development and specific competence-building training, to complement  individual staff development needs at all career levels, to help:

  • build and foster a professional and personal network within the YUFE alliance and beyond
  • improve transferable and practicable skills relevant for current activities and professional career development
  • promote the exchange of experience and good practice among YUFE partners
  • familiarise participants with working in a different national context in terms of culture, rules and regulations

Types of training activities that will be available include:

  • virtual teaching assignment, including a lecture series, and mini-courses
  • virtual blended training offers and workshops
  • virtual language courses
  • staff training days and weeks
  • virtual job shadowing and observation periods
  • research projects, combined with a training or teaching offer

Explore YUFE's mobility and training for staff programme.

Developing the YUFE staff journey

As well as providing opportunities for students across the YUFE network, there is also a workstream focusing on the opportunities for staff to develop and share expertise.  The objective of the Staff Journey strand of work, which is co-led by the University of Essex and the University of Bremen as alliance members, is to:

  • develop a series of tools, using the European University concept to promote upward career paths and professional development exchanges
  • help foster a culture of excellence and enhance our capacity to attract, develop and share talented staff

To support the delivery of the YUFE Staff Journey, four subgroups have been created focusing on

  • career tracks
  • mobility
  • talent and experts' portal
  • staff development and recruitment strategy 

By Autumn 2020  a joint Staff Development Policy has been co-produced setting out the principles and commitment of each YUFE partner to provide accessible, quality training and development for staff at all levels. This is to be followed by a Recruitment strategy paper defining the joint YUFE commitment to inclusive, open and fair recruitment. If you'd like to find out more about the YUFE Staff Journey, please contact Paul Smart.

Due to current limitations on international travel the focus of the mobility strand has, by necessity, changed to focus on opportunities for virtual mobility. 

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