The University recognises the values of mentoring in its commitment to developing its learning community.

Mentoring for staff at Essex is an opportunity for you to engage in a series of development conversations with colleagues both locally and wider within the University. It is an equal partnership where one person (the mentor) uses their experience, expertise and professional skill set to aid the development of the other person (the mentee).

Benefits of mentoring

Effective mentoring can empower members of our community to fulfil their potential, and also contributes to a culture of collaboration where we openly share our work, achievements and knowledge with colleagues across the organisation to foster creativity and aid the development of others.

Mentoring themes 

Common mentoring themes are:

  • career guidance
  • career planning and preparation
  • effective networking
  • gaining insight and knowledge
  • skill development
  • general support and guidance

Starting mentoring 

If you are interested in mentoring, please speak to your line manager who will be able to identify a suitable mentor for you based upon what it is that you want to gain or develop further.  

If you are about to begin a mentoring partnership, please see the below documents for further guidance:

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