Superannuation Arrangements of University of London (SAUL) pension

The Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London (SAUL) has reported a data breach following a cyber incident at MoveIt, one of their suppliers. The breach has been reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office, the National Crime Agency and the Pensions Regulator. Investigations are ongoing. Read our blog for more information about the breach.

The Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London (SAUL) is the pension scheme for members of staff appointed on grades 1-6. You will be automatically entered into the pension scheme under the PensionsPlus (.pdf) arrangement from your joining date.

The Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London (SAUL) was set up on 1 April 1976 to provide pensions for non-academic staff of the University of London. SAUL now provides pensions for more than 50 organisations with links to higher education and has 38,000 members. The University of Essex has been a participating employer since June 2014.

SAUL CARE section 

CARE stands for Career Average Revalued Earnings. This means that we work out your pension based on your salary each year and increase (or revalue) this in line with inflation until you retire.

You get a pension of 1/75th of your salary for each complete year that you pay into SAUL. You will also get a tax-free lump sum of three times your pension.

Your salary is your annual salary plus any permanent allowances (for example, London weighting or responsibility allowance) and overtime. Bonuses and commissions are not included.

The example below shows how pension builds up for you as a member of the SAUL CARE section.

Year Salary Salary paid/
accrual rate
Benefit earned in year Re-valuation increase (assum-ing CPI of 2% each year) CARE pension at end of year 4
1 £20,000 20,000/75 = £266.67 3 years at 2% = £282.99
2 £21,000 21,000/75 = £280.00 2 years at 2% = £291.31
3 £22,000 22,000/75 = £293.33 1 year at 2% = £299.20
2 £23,000 23,000/75 = £306.67 0 years at 2% = £306.67
Total annual pension at end of year 4: £1,180.17
Total lump sum at end of year 4: £3,540.41

Your contributions

Use the SAUL calculator to see how your contributions will affect your take-home pay.

Your contributions are deducted from your salary before tax. You then pay tax on the remaining salary, reducing the amount of tax you pay. The calculator shows the amount of this tax relief that you'll benefit from.

SAUL guide


The SAUL Trustee Company may amend the rules of SAUL at any time. No such amendment can prejudice your accrued rights under SAUL and any amendment requires the consent of the Negotiating Committee. The Negotiating Committee is made up of six large University employers (UCL, Imperial, King's College, Royal Holloway, University of Essex and University of Kent) and six Union representatives from Unison and Unite.

SAUL is a funded defined benefit pension scheme, contributions being made by the members and participating employers. These contributions are invested to provide your future benefits. The funding position of the scheme is reviewed on a regular basis and contributions to the scheme may be increased if the scheme funding level was found to be not sufficient.

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