Joining a pension scheme

Pension auto-enrolment

The law surrounding pensions was changed in 2012. The change introduced a new requirement for all employers to introduce a workplace pension. This meant that every employer has to provide a pension, assess the eligibility of all employees and enrol employees into the pension in accordance with the rules.

When you join the University you will be automatically entered into a pension scheme as per your contract of employment.

UECS and WHHL employees will be assessed under the auto-enrolment rules and enrolled as per the current rules in place. You will be notified of the outcome of any assessment to ensure you are kept up to date with your pension arrangements.

Benefits of a workplace pension

The aim is to help more people have another income, on top of the state pension, when they retire. The state pension is a foundation for your retirement but if you want to have more, you need to save during your working life.

You can opt out if you want to, but if you stay in you'll have your own pension which you get when you retire. What's more, if you stay in, we will contribute to your pension and the government will also contribute through tax relief. So, unlike other ways of saving, being in a workplace pension means you're not the only one putting money in.

Every three years the University, UECS and WHHL have to re-enrol certain employees. If you are a members already this does not affect you; however if you have chosen to opt-out, we must by law, re-assess you and enrol you if required. We will always notify you of any changes in your pension.

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