Career development fund for carers

The University is committed to learning and promotes staff engagement in maintaining and further developing knowledge, expertise and skills, irrespective of role and career stage.

Support to attend events 

The University has recognised, through the work of Athena Swan, that it is often harder for working parents and carers to attend conferences and networking events, which fall outside of their normal working pattern, due to incurring additional costs.

Whilst it is recognised that caring costs are only one factor that could affect attendance at these events, to help relieve the pressure in some part, a Career Development Fund for Carers is available for all staff to help with the additional caring costs incurred.

How to apply 

Applicants can make one claim per year of up to £150 to help with additional caring costs incurred as a result of attending conferences, training or networking events. Funds will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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