Marketing and Student Recruitment organise our key recruitment event; our Open Days and Applicant Days in both Colchester and Southend.

Departments will be contacted by either Natasha Winsor or Zoe Dawson during the planning for these events to organise timings, presentations etc.

University-wide there is a marketing campaign for both Open Days and Applicant Days, however if departments would like to develop an additional marketing campaign specific to their department, get in touch with the relevant faculty marketing contact to discuss ideas and options:

Open Days

We have three Colchester Open Days (June, September and October) and one Southend Open Day (October) each year for the following year’s intake. There is also a smaller Clearing Open Day in Colchester following A-Level results day for students who have gone through clearing and who would like to visit the campus.

Applicant Days

Applicant Days run from November through until April every year, usually on Wednesdays. Some departments invite applicants to interview. These interviews take place on Applicant Days, alongside departmental activities, talks and student information stands. Applicant Days provide another opportunity for prospective students to visit campus accommodation, speak to students and get to know the department.

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