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General marketing enquiries

The Marketing team is split up into faculties, with two members of staff responsible for each faculty. For any general enquiries, departments should contact the relevant marketing persons in the first instance:

For example, if you would like to promote a course, get in touch with the relevant marketing contact who can work with you to devise a marketing strategy. This could include producing print, organising photography, refreshing web content, creating an email or creating an advertising or social media campaign.

If you already have an idea for engaging with UG or PG applicants, you can also use this activity request form to contact the marketing team with a proposal.

For general marketing enquiries, contact

Producing marketing materials

If departments would like to produce any marketing materials to promote something to prospective students, get in touch with the relevant marketing contact for your faculty. With a clear objective, Marketing can help by suggesting the most suitable marketing channel to use for promotion.

Your marketing contact will send you a brief to complete, so that they can advise on the best promotional strategy, and get the project started.

For print materials, Marketing liaise between the department and CDS to produce the print. CDS design and print all material produced by the University of Essex, but please do not go to them directly without consulting Marketing. CDS have a minimum 3 week turn-around, so when planning consider the time-frame of producing print. If there is a short turn-around time, speak to your marketing contact to discuss options and see whether print is possible.

Departments will need to pay for any print produced. It is possible to receive a quote for design and printing from Print Essex before getting started.


The Marketing team work closely with a professional photographer to ensure that all photography used for marketing and recruitment follows the brand style

To search through our image directory, you can access our online database, File Camp. For further information on how to access, search and download images for use in marketing materials, please contact

If departments would like to organise a photoshoot for marketing purposes (this could be at an event, for a new facility, a new member of staff etc.) get in touch with the relevant faculty marketing contact. 

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