Principal Investigator role

As Principal Investigator, you have overall responsibility for the design, execution and management of the research project.

Your responsibilities

  • Responsible for the intellectual leadership and the overall management of the research.
  • To understand that research funds are University funds and are therefore subject to the University's Financial Regulations and other relevant regulations and codes of practice.
  • To ensure that only actual and necessary expenditure directly related to this project will be charged against it.
  • To comply with the terms and conditions of the grant funder at all times.
  • To ensure that appropriate career management guidance is given to all members of staff employed under this grant, including adherence to the Researcher Development Concordat and the University's guidelines on the management of research assistants.
  • To understand that if the research involves human participants or animals they are responsible for obtaining the appropriate ethical approval.
  • To be aware of and comply with the University's Code of Good Research Practice.
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