Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a three-way partnership between a university, a company and a high calibre graduate.

Projects typically last six months to three years, and are designed to help a company solve strategic problems. The graduate is based at the company full-time and is jointly supervised by the company and a university academic, who typically spends half a day per week at the company.

The scheme is sponsored by Innovate UK, Research Councils and a number of other bodies.

Projects usually focus on a problem in a key area of a company's business, such as product design or developing new management processes. KTPs are designed to enable the partnering company to gain a competitive advantage - and ultimately to improve profitability.

Benefits for you

Through KTPs academics are able to:

  • develop business relevant teaching materials
  • write real-world case studies
  • gain an improved understanding of the challenges businesses encounter
  • identify new research themes and undergraduate and post graduate projects
  • find new opportunities for collaborative research
  • publish research papers
  • contribute to the RAE and rating of their department
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