Weight Management Programme

Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing is working with the Essex Wellbeing Service to offer University staff a 12 week weight management programme available on campus or via Zoom.

The programme will run every each Spring and Summer term. You can do this on your own or in a group setting if you have other colleagues interested in joining.

As part of the programme you will meet weekly with our OH Practice Nurse to have weekly weigh ins, receive any advice and learn more about a new topic that week. You can do this appointment face to face or have this arranged via Zoom to work around your working pattern. 

The weight management programme is recognised by NHS, British Heart foundation and Diabetes UK and is evidence based. It focuses on eating a healthy balanced diet, managing your portions (serving sizes) and helping you to be more active in your daily life. The weight management programme is not a diet or a quick fix solution but more of embracing a new healthy way of eating. The aim of the programme is to support you to lose weight in a safe, steady and controlled way and help you to change unhealthy habits for healthier ones.

The first 6 sessions are structured with each week covering a new topic which are:

  • Week 1 Eating Well
  • Week 2 Portion Size
  • Week 3 Physical Activity
  • Week 4 Food Labels 
  • Week 5 Gaining Control
  • Week 6 Taking Stock

How to Register

If you wish to know more please email ohquery@essex.ac.uk to register your interest for the next weight management programme.

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