Eyesight test and vouchers

If you use Display Screen Equipment (DSE) you’re entitled to a Smart Employee Eyecare (SEE) voucher once a year.

The voucher entitles you to:

  • an eyesight test at a SEE affiliated optician
  • a free pair of single vision Video Display Unit (VDU) glasses from the SEE range or a £25 contribution towards a pair of glasses of your choice

These vouchers expire after a year. If your voucher expires, you won’t be entitled to another voucher for another year. If you’re unable to use your voucher for any reason, please let Occupational Health know as soon as possible so that the voucher can be reallocated.

Booking an eyesight test

You must have your voucher before your book your appointment and must ensure that the optician is affiliated to SEE.

If you choose to attend a non-affiliated optician or do not arrange your voucher before you attend or book your appointment, we will not be able to refund you the cost of the eye appointment or glasses purchased.

Attending your eyesight test

On the day of the appointment present the SEE VDU eye care voucher to the optician before the eye examination begins. The optician will perform the eyesight test. 

What if I need glasses?

If you need VDU glasses you can choose a free pair from the SEE range. Alternatively, you can use a £25 voucher towards a pair of glasses not in the SEE range.

If you need non-VDU glasses, a £15 discount is available for glasses that cost no more than £125.

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