Health and safety standards

Our health and safety standards describe how we do things safely at Essex and are our arrangements for meeting legal requirements. University-wide standards are grouped into the following broad areas. 

Departments, sections or teams may also have health and safety standards covering their work activities. These will be available from your line manager or health and safety liaison officer. UECS and WHH also follow these standards where relevant:

Web-based standards and guidance

Web-based standards and guidance documents describe how to meet responsibilities in relation to specific subjects listed above. There is a mixture of mandatory requirements and good practice.

Codes of practice, management policies and place, and local rules

Codes of practice and management policies and plans are produced for more complex risk areas, where detailed requirements are necessary. They are mandatory and usually give specific responsibilities to managers, heads of departments and others in relation to controlling the risk.

Local rules are produced where required by specific legislation (eg ionising radiation regulations). They should normally be local to the area where the activity presenting the risk takes place and are mandatory.

Web-based standards, codes of practice and local rules that have a significant impact on working practices are developed through a consultation process and approved by USG.

Generic risk assessments

Generic risk assessments Generic risk assessments Generic risk assessments describe what must be in place to achieve a safe workplace and meet university/legal requirements.

The standards within them are mandatory, though there is some flexibility to suit local needs. Managers or nominated staff can produce their own assessments (to a similar standard) rather than use the generic ones. 

Examples of our generic risk assessment are:

Forms and checklists

Forms and checklists (available online) are tools that assist managers to ensure relevant health and safety precautions are in place.

Health and safety policy

The University, University of Essex Campus Services (UECS) and Wivenhoe House Hotel (WHH) each have a health and safety policyhealth and safety policyhealth and safety policy which sets out our commitment to the health and safety and responsibilities of our leaders, managers, staff and, where relevant, students.

University sector guidance

Our University follows standards from University and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) and Universities Safety and Health Association (USHA).

 Other safety organisations

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