Procedure for the Nomination of Heads of Department or School

This procedure should be read in conjunction with Ordinance 9.

As part of normal discussions of business and succession planning, the Head of Department and the relevant Executive Dean will consider who may be in a position to succeed the existing Head of Department.

The Head of Department will also discuss possible successors within the Department and with the individual(s) under consideration.

The Head of Department will obtain the agreement of any individual(s) the Department wishes formally to consider.

Ordinance 9 stipulates that a Head of Department shall be appointed by the Council on the recommendation of the Senate on receipt of a joint nomination from the members of the Academic Staff holding posts allocated to the Department and the Vice-Chancellor, determined in accordance with these published procedures. The Academic Staff holding posts allocated to the Department will choose its preferred candidate by a method acceptable to the Department and in a manner consistent with the requirements of Ordinance 9. This may include taking a vote if necessary/desired or other means of seeking the views of all staff within the Department.

The Vice-Chancellor will consider the Department’s proposal as the basis for a joint nomination for recommendation to Senate and Council. All nominees must have the support of the Vice-Chancellor before consideration by Senate and Council.

In the absence of a joint nomination, the power to appoint a Head of Department lies with the University’s Council.

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