Transitioning from an ASE to ASER contract

This career pathway change process supports the ongoing professional development of aspiring researchers who are continuing to meet all the requirements of an ASE career pathway but also meet or have the potential to meet the criteria for appointment to a permanent ASER career pathway.

There is no institutional expectation that staff on an ASE career pathway will transition to ASER. However, some colleagues on ASE career pathway have expressed an interest in moving from an ASE to an ASER career pathway to support their professional development and this guidance is intended to support these individuals and their line manager.

How to transition

This procedure applies to staff on ASE career pathways at grade 9 and above, where they have demonstrated aspiration and potential to be a successful ASER member of staff and where an institutional need has been identified to develop ASE staff into an ASER role. Potential can be demonstrated with reference to, for example, previous research or following line manager discussions about possible research areas and approaches. ASE staff need to have met the ASE Pathway to Permanency requirements before being approved for a career pathway change, but may wish to apply for permanency earlier than the full three years.