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University Strategy 2019-28

Our University Strategy sets out our priorities for the period 2019-28, shaping how we advance our mission of excellence in education and research in the context of our changing world.

Institutional strategies

Implementation of the University’s Strategic Plan is supported by two institutional strategies that address the two core elements of the University’s mission:

Action plans

To ensure effective implementation of the Strategic Plan and the other supporting strategies, the University approves and monitors the progress of annual action plans:







Previous plans

Strategic Plan 2013-19

Our Strategic Plan sets out our mission and goals for the University until 2019. Extensive consultations with our community and our partners helped us develop our ambitious vision for the years ahead.

Action plans 


Supporting strategies

Achievement of the objectives set out in the Strategic Plan, institutional strategies and sub-strategies is underpinned by five supporting strategies:


The University also has a number of sub-strategies that support the achievement of strategic objectives in a small number of cross-cutting thematic areas:

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