Trans and non-binary forum

The trans and non-binary forum is for staff and students to connect and collaborate to make the University a space where we can exist freely. The forum is only for transgender and non-binary people, or those who are questioning their gender. There will be events and discussions which we encourage allies to attend and support. 

We have a mailing list for the forum for which membership is approved by the chairs. You are welcome to sign up, though we may contact you before approval to get to know you better. 

What we do

The main purposes of the Trans and Non-Binary (TNB) Forum are: 

  • Support trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming and questioning staff and students by fostering a community to share experiences and discuss issues in a confidential space. 
  • Promote, discuss and educate on issues affecting the TNB community, both at Essex and worldwide. 
  • Provide resources for everyone to learn about transitioning and trans experiences - we have begun to curate our own resource list, please contact the chairs if you have suggestions or requests for information on a specific topic
  • Remove economical barriers for accessing gender affirming products through the Gender Affirmation Fund - see below for more information.  


Gender Affirmation Fund (GAF)

What is the Gender Affirmation Fund?

The Gender Affirmation Fund (GAF) is a University of Essex community and alumni-led initiative offering transgender, non-binary and gender-non-conforming students funding for gender affirming items such as (but not limited to) affirming clothes / underwear, chest binders, breast forms, packers, wigs, affirming sports / swimwear and makeup / nail polish. These items are often specialised and very costly, but very important in helping our trans, non-binary and gender non-confirming students to participate fully in our community.

The Fund is entirely reliant on donations from members of the University community (staff and students), former alumni and external supporters. If you are able, please donate online.

Accessing the GAF 

We are in the process of establishing an awarding system, but details will be available soon. All decisions will be made by members of the forum, with input from allies selected by the chairs. 

Image of a transgender flag
For questions, help, or support:
Sam Sprules Staff chair
Sam Temple Student Chair