Information Champions Network

The Information Champions Network is led by the Information Assurance Team and is made up of staff volunteers from across the University, known as Information Champions.

Growing an information culture

The aim of the Network is to grow an information culture in which staff and students:

  • are aware of sources of information
  • are engaged and inspired by the value of information and skilled in using it
  • are confident in making best use of the information available
  • value the information that they use
  • know how to keep information safe and exploit it to the full

Duties of an Information Champion

Information Champions are our local information heroes. Their role is to:

  • be an advocate for information skills literacy and best practice and information security, providing a central point of contact and signposting colleagues to further help and support.
  • ensure that best practice, including new guidelines and ways of working, are circulated, understood and implemented in your area, through departmental meetings and other routes.
  • provide a signposting service to ensure staff can access resources available to them, including advice on research data management, ethical approval for handling personal data, analytics and data visualisation, contracts and information skills training.
  • guide and support the Head in managing information risk from project development through to business as usual.
  • be part of an active network of Information Champions across the University, learning together, supporting each other and the Information Assurance Manager.

Interested in becoming a Champion?

Anyone can volunteer to become an Information Champion. You don’t need to be an IT expert, and it doesn’t matter what your job title is or how long you’ve worked here for.

We're looking for people who are:

  • passionate about information and believe in the power of information and data
  • eager to learn and have a thirst for knowledge
  • brave enough to try new ideas and share them with others
  • team players

You'll be expected to:

  • give up at least five days per year to do Information Champion related work
  • attend an annual half day training and networking session

You will learn a range of skills and be given access to new tools for working with data. You’ll also be able to include Information Champion on your Essex email signature and your CV.

How to become a Champion

If you think that you could be an Information Champion, please discuss the role with your line manager first, in particular the time commitment involved. Your nomination should come from your Head of Department or Section.

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