Heidi Plus is a business intelligence service for higher education institutions in the UK. It's a web based service which allows users to quickly access, extract and manipulate data for planning and reporting. It's a new interface for the legacy Heidi service and if you want continued access to the data, you'll need to request a Heidi Plus account, and have a HESA ID.

Heidi Plus uses the tableau web server. Data sources are uploaded and users can connect to these data sources to create their own workbooks. Workbooks allow a user to quickly create custom tables and graphs by dragging and dropping variables onto a worksheet.

Levels of access

Access will only be permitted where there is a legitimate business reason.

There are three levels of access:

  • Bronze – access to pre-configured dashboards, in which all counts of students, staff and leavers are rounded. This will be adequate for most users who require summary information.    
  • Silver – access to detailed datasets without confidentiality implications, such as Finance Record data, Estates Record data and data from the HE Business Community Interaction survey. Also grants access to bronze data. The ability to create and save dashboards. Suitable for staff familiar with creating reports using a drop and drag style interface.    
  • Gold – access to detailed, individualised data sets on students, leavers and staff. Also grants access to silver and bronze data. To obtain gold level access there is a mandatory data protection training session that must be completed first.

Register for a HESA ID

Heidi Plus is linked to the HESA Identity service. Those with an existing HESA ID will be able to link their account to HEIDI Plus, whilst new users will have to register for a HESA ID.

Request a Heidi Plus account

All requests for access to Heidi Plus should be made to the Planning and Data Insight Team.

Mandatory data protection training

If you require gold level access please discuss your requirements with our Heidi Plus lead contacts Joff Hopkins and Mira Dragieva in the first instance. Please note that anyone who requires gold level access will need to complete a mandatory data protection webinar before access it granted. The webinar can be booked with HESA training. Please note that there is a charge for ‘attending’ the webinar.

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