PGR degree post obitum consideration and award process

The Head of Department (or nominee) may recommend to the relevant Faculty Dean (Postgraduate) that the thesis be examined by an Internal and External Examiner, in accordance with the standard examination process for a PGR degree (excluding the viva voce). This can take place in either of the following circumstances:

  1. A thesis draft submitted to the Supervisory Panel and/or Research Students' Progress Board (RSPB), in cases where a candidate has passed away prior to formal submission of the thesis;
  2. A thesis formally submitted for assessment, in cases where a candidate has passed away after the thesis has been assessed, or submitted for examination, but before the viva voce has taken place.

The Head of Department (or nominee) should make a recommendation to proceed to a posthumous examination, which must include confirmation of the following:

  • the award for which assessment is being sought that enough of the research has been completed and written-up to allow a proper assessment to be made of the thesis, against the assessment criteria for the award being suggested (for example, the quality and quantity of a Masters by Dissertation; an MPhil; a PhD; or a Professional Doctorate)
  • that the work submitted is the candidate’s own
  • that the standard, quantity and originality of the research work completed has been judged to be that normally required to submit for examination for the proposed award. This judgement can be made on the basis of the most recent Research Student Progress Board, which confirmed adequate progression.

In all cases, following consideration and approval of the recommendation by the Faculty Dean (Postgraduate), the standard nomination and appointment of examiners process will be undertaken and the examiners will assess the work presented. In the case of the examination of staff candidates for an award post obitum, the requirement for two External Examiners in place of an Internal and External Examiner is waived as there is no additional merit in seeking two External Examiners in such a case. Provided that the examiners are satisfied that the work is the candidate's own (by means of the receipt of the statement from the Head of Department (or nominee)) and meets the requirements for an award, they may recommend to the Faculty Dean (Postgraduate) that an award be made, in accordance with the standard criteria for the award of the relevant postgraduate research degree (excluding the viva voce).

The Chair of the relevant Faculty Education Committee or nominee will approve the award, on behalf of Senate. The procedure for examination is covered in detail in the Principal Regulations for Research Degrees.

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