Payments and expenses for PGR examiners

Financial forms

The external examiner is responsible for returning all completed financial forms to the PGRE Team after the viva, for payment to be approved.


External Examiners should normally be based in the UK. Approval for an External Examiner from overseas should be sought from the Faculty Dean (Postgraduate) during the appointment of examiners process.

External Examiners should use public transport (standard class) to attend vivas wherever possible. However, we understand that there are instances where it is cheaper for the External Examiner to use their car and submit a mileage claim, or even book an internal flight. In cases of all flights (internal and overseas), economy class flights with budget airlines should be booked, wherever possible.

The University has an approved rate for mileage claims which applies to the total claim per annum, not each separate journey; currently this is 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles per annum and 25p per mile thereafter.

The use of taxis as a means of transport should be avoided if public transport is available and is not unduly burdensome on the External Examiner. For example, the 133 coach service which runs regularly between Stansted Airport and the University should be used instead of taxis. Likewise, trains from Heathrow and Gatwick should be used instead of taxis. We would only expect to receive a claim for reimbursement of taxi journeys in cases where time pressures necessitate their use.


The Postgraduate Research Education Team will cover the costs of a meal for up to two people (normally the Internal and External Examiner) at a rate of £30 per person. In cases where an Independent Chair has been appointed, in addition to the two Examiners, the costs of a meal for the Independent Chair will be covered additionally at the same rate.

In addition to the cost of a meal, the Postgraduate Research Education Team would normally cover the cost of a snack/drink up to the value of £10 for the External Examiner; for example, refreshments at the train station during their travels.


The Postgraduate Research Education Team will pay for overnight accommodation, for one night, at Wivenhoe House Hotel (or another reasonably priced hotel where the examination takes place on the Southend campus) in cases where the distance an External Examiner has to travel to attend the viva and/or the timing of the viva necessitates it.

When the Department are booking overnight accommodation using the Postgraduate Research Education Team External Examiners’ cost code, please use the departmental contacts name (the person making the booking) and the candidate’s name (student being examined) as the booking reference; this helps us to reconcile the monthly expenses. Please ensure that you send a copy of the invoice to your Postgraduate Research Education Team contact.

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