Late submission of exam papers

It is important that exam paper submission deadlines are met as we have a very short turnaround time to process, print and collate the exam papers before the exam day.

If for any reason you are unable to submit your exam papers by the stated deadline the Department will have to take responsibility for printing the papers. Please contact the Exams Office for guidance and to confirm the date for delivery.

What you need to do

Please print double sided and staple each paper as follows:

  • One copy for each candidate
  • 5 spare copies for Exams Office use and
  • 3 extra copies per room the exam will be sat in

If you are unsure of numbers please ask the Exams Office for clarification. We will also need a single sided master copy plus an electronic copy on a USB.

Please bring these to the Exams Office in an envelope clearly marked with the following:

  • Module code
  • Date and time of the exam
Get in touch
Examinations Office
Telephone: Ext: 3926