Responsibility Allowance Policy

The University is committed to supporting the professional development of all staff groups. This includes, where possible, making opportunities available for employees to experience work beyond their substantive role and/or grade. This offers a valuable opportunity for employees to develop their skills and gain experience, helping staff to prepare for permanent career advancement in the future, as well as helping the University to temporarily cover workforce gaps. By providing opportunities for employees to take on additional work at higher levels of responsibility the University makes an appropriate investment in succession planning. 

A responsibility allowance is additional remuneration provided when an employee undertakes additional responsibilities that are a significant extension to their substantive role to meet a business need: for example, providing cover for elements of another substantive role during a prolonged period (in excess of 4 weeks) when the usual role holder is absent or for extra significant duties/responsibilities outside the employees normal duties. Further details can be found in our Responsibility Allowance Policy (.docx).