Senior Personal Tutors

Senior Personal Tutors are responsible for monitoring and coordinating the delivery of their department’s Personal Tutor scheme.

Responsibilities of the role

  1. Allocate, co-ordinate and monitor arrangements for personal tutoring in the department.
  2. Ensure that every Personal Tutor is aware of the requirements, support and guidance available to them.
  3. Provide guidance and support to Personal Tutors if they have any concerns about a student or are unsure of the exact support needed.
  4. Act as the link with Student Support for the department.
  5. Act as the under-18s coordinator for the department and are responsible for monitoring and meeting with those students personally.
  6. Respond to requests from students to change their Personal Tutor. Students can request a change at any time and do not need to give a specific reason.
  7. Be Mental Health First Aid trained so that they can provide initial support and signpost students to specialist support when needed and help Personal Tutors do the same.
  8. Keep a record of all meetings on the LEAP system. This includes details of any referrals. Content of the meetings is not necessarily included and not without student permission.
  9. Complete any essential training requirements for the role as well as familiarise themselves and keep up to date with the support services available to students in order to facilitate signposting and referrals.
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Contact us
Senior Personal Tutors are all members of an email group which can be used to ask questions or seek peer support.