The Gateway Building Southend

The Gateway Building is at Southend Campus.

Opening times and access

Access to the Gateway Building is either full or partial, depending on the day and time. Please refer to the schedule below.

Full access

Accessible to all building users, visitors and public. Some areas are restricted card access only. Entrance via main entrance doors.

Partial access

Only accessible to staff, tenants and their employees and students who have been issued with a valid access control card. Access via disabled door located on the right hand side of revolving door.


Monday - Friday (except Bank Holidays)

Time Access level
7am - 8.45am Partial access
8.45 - 5.30pm Full access
5.30pm - 10pm Partial access


Time  Access level
7am - 9am Partial access
9am - 2pm Full access
2pm - 10pm Partial access


Time Access level
9am - 6pm Partial access

Bank Holidays


Accessing Gateway Building 

During Full Building access the Ground Floor Reception is staffed by University Receptionist(s) and entrance doors are open to all building users, visitors and members of the general public. Certain areas are locked via access control and are accessible via valid access control cards.

During Partial access the building is only accessible for staff, tenants and their employees/students who have been issued with valid access control cards using the disabled door located on the right hand side of the revolving door. To exit the building there is a push button located on the  handrail to the left of the disabled door. If there is a meeting during partial lock down, then the host must escort the visitor into and out of the building and ensure they are aware of the Emergency Evacuation routes etc.

During Full Building Lockdown there is no access to the building except in emergencies.

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