The Sustainability-on-Sea Sustainable Essex team would like to hear feedback on sustainability at Southend campus. 

Please spare a few minutes to complete a quick survey re sustainability:

  • To help us find out more about what our community are already doing
  • To inform what we need to do to help our community be more sustainable

If you wish to enter the prize draw for completion of the survey (to win a Chilly's 500ml water bottle with a design of your choice) please include your name in the text box of Question 10.

This survey is open until Friday 17 November. Responses will be collated by the end of November and will then be used to inform next steps and actions.

We would welcome any suggestions or ideas for actions we can take forward at a campus level and please advise if you have an interest in working together on sustainable actions.

For more information on sustainability at the university see here.