The first open access book paid for from Essex’s open access fund has been published. Authored by Dr Emilia Halton-Hernandez, The Marion Milner Method: Psychoanalysis, Autobiography, Creativity, is free to read and download now.

Emilia said, “I chose to publish my book as OA [open access] in the spirit of the subject of the book, psychoanalyst, and author Marion Milner, who wished her creative therapeutic method “might be available for anyone, quite apart from whether opportunity…or their income made it possible for them”. OA plays an important role in the democratisation of knowledge, and I am very pleased to make my own small offering in the form of this book”. 

This open access publication was made possible by Essex’s new open access fund, which aims to ensure all Essex-authored research outputs can be read by as wide an audience as possible with no payment involved. Publishing in this way not only means Essex research gains broader recognition, but also enables readers to access the full text of publications without needing to worry about the financial cost. As Emilia herself said, the open access fund therefore plays a crucial part in the democratisation of knowledge. 

When speaking about her experience of using the fund, Emilia said, “I have found the experience of using the OA fund straightforward from beginning to end. The OA team were supportive of my request and very helpful in helping me liaise with the publisher to secure open access.” 

More information about making your research available open access can be found on the open access publishing webpage, and you can also get in touch with the OA team via

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The Marion Milner Method: Psychoanalysis, Autobiography, Creativity by Dr Emilia Halton-Hernandez