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New student registration

All new students and returning students must register at the start of each academic year. The full process for new students includes activating your student record for the academic year, your email account, access to IT and library services, enrolment on modules and confirming your contact details.

Pre-arrival will open at 12 noon on Tuesday 1 September 2015.

Registration schedules

Guide to Registration (courses starting September or October 2015)

Obtain your login and password

Once your place has been confirmed and your details have been transferred from the University’s Admissions systems, you will be able to obtain your University login and password.

When you have your University account details, you will be able to use them to complete pre-arrival online which opens from 1 September.

Complete the online pre-arrival process

Our online pre-arrival process is available from 12 noon on Tuesday 1 September 2015 until midnight Sunday 18 October 2015.

  • Reviewing your personal details

    You need to register your external email address and passphrase and then obtain your University login and password.

    If you've previously studied at the University of Essex (for example, if you did your Bachelor Degree here and have now moved onto a Masters degree) your login and password will not have changed.

    If any information is incorrect, please continue to complete pre-arrival, you can make changes to your personal details at your in-person Registration session providing you supply us with appropriate documents as evidence of the correct information.

  • Equal opportunities and additional information

    You will need to complete the Equal Opportunities section. If you prefer not to provide this information, select 'prefer not to say' on each drop down menu.

    This information is used for our own internal statistical monitoring. We are also required to share these statistics with the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). We share the statistics in an anonymous form. For more information please read the University’s Privacy Policy for students or contact the Records Manager for a paper copy of the Policy or more information.

  • Checking and updating your home and term-time contact details

    This will be completed by our accommodation team once you arrive onto our Colchester or Southend Campus. Meanwhile, please put the address where you're currently staying.

    Make sure you complete every field in the form. If your address does not have a postcode, you can enter N/A. If you only have one telephone number, you can copy this to all the telephone number fields. You also need to make sure that telephone numbers contain only numbers and no characters, for example – or + .

  • Checking your course details

    If your course information is incorrect or you want to change course, you will need to wait until you arrive at the University and complete Registration in person. If you apply to change course you will be able to do this once you've registered via our Student Request Portal.

  • Uploading a photograph

    Make sure you are uploading a JPEG file

    • The photo must be passport sized, at a ratio of 9:7
    • The photo must be portrait, not landscape
    • The photo must be between 150 pixels and 3072 pixels high, and 125 pixels and 2048 wide
    • The file must be less than 30kb in size

    If you've followed all these steps and still cannot upload a photo, please carry on with the pre-arrival process where you can also upload a photo.

    If you don't upload a photo, we'll take a photo of you when you come to register in person, using a webcam.

  • Signing up to our University's regulations

    Please make sure you read our University's regulations and tick the box that confirms that you've read and agree to the Declaration.

  • Reviewing and paying your tuition fees

    If you have applied to be funded by Student Finance but do not have the details yet, you do not have to make a payment, this will be done automatically once you are registered.

    If you're being sponsored by a third party, such as an embassy, you need to send a letter from your sponsor to our Student Services Hub, telephone: 01206 874000 or askthehub@essex.ac.uk.

    The easiest way to pay your fees is to do it as part of the pre-arrival process, but if you can’t do that, you can pay in the following ways:

    • pay online – select option 1 and use our online payment system
    • in person on campus – you can do this when you register
    • by bank transfer – select option 3 and our bank details will be provided - please note that this can take up to 10 days

    You must make a payment of at least one term's tuition fees before you can do your pre-arrival online, even if you are going to pay your fees when you arrive.

  • Completing the online pre-arrival process

    You will receive a confirmation email to let you know you've successfully completed the pre-arrival process. If you do not receive this within a few hours, please contact the Registration team.

    If you exit the pre-arrival online before you finish, you won't have to start again. Every step that you have completed will be saved on your student record.

    If you're starting a new course of study, for example, if you took your bachelors degree and are now moving on to take a masters degree, we require you to register as a new student. You'll receive a new registration number and be issued with a new card.

    The pre-arrival process is not compulsory. However, you will need to give us the information requested when you come to register in person, which will take more time.

Register in person

There are a number of documents you need to bring with you:

  • original certificates of your qualifications (if our Admissions have asked to see them)
  • documents relating to how you are paying your tuition fees (if you're self-funding, you will need to pay at least one term's tuition fees before you can register
  • Photographic identification eg passport, driving license or national identity card

Non-EEA international students must bring their passport, visa/BRP (please see our immigration pages for further information on BRP collection) and visa checks at registration and a copy of your CAS statement.

Colchester Campus

Please come to the Sports Centre between Tuesday 29 September and Friday 2 October 2015 at the allocated time for your department, school or centre, as outlined in the Colchester Campus Registration Schedule. Find the Sports Centre.

Southend Campus

Please come to The Forum at the allocated time for your department, school or centre as outlined in the Southend Campus registration schedule (not yet available).

Loughton Campus

Please come to Hatfields House on Thursday 24 September 2015 at the allocated time for your course as outlined in the Loughton Campus registration schedule.

Late registration

  • Colchester Campus - from 10am on 5 October to 3pm on 16 October 2015 - Lakeview Room, second floor, Silberrad Student Centre. From 19 October - Student Information Team, Student Services Hub, first floor, Silberrad Student Centre.
  • Southend Campus - second floor, The Forum.
  • Loughton Campus - East 15 Acting School main office at Hatfields, 25 or 28 September 2015

Registration for courses starting November 2015 to July 2016

If you are starting your studies during the academic year, please go to the relevant location to complete Registration:

  • Colchester Campus - Student Services Hub
  • Southend Campus - The Forum
  • Loughton Campus - Hatfields or Roding House

You can speed up your registration by uploading a photo ahead of your arrival on campus.

International students

Non-EEA nationals must have valid immigration status to register and study with us. Please read our immigration pages for information and guidance about UK student immigration. Visa checks will be carried out at registration.

If you are collecting a BRP when you arrive in the UK and it is available before registration you should collect it first and bring it to registration.

International students from certain countries must register with the police in the UK.

Contact us

For more information or additional advice and guidance, contact our registration teams.