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BE550-7-SP-CO: Critical Marketing

Year: 2017/18
Department: Essex Business School
Essex credit: 20
ECTS credit: 10
Available to Study Abroad / Exchange Students: Yes
Full Year Module Available to Study Abroad / Exchange Students for a Single Term: No
Outside Option: No

Supervisor: Dr Rashne Limki
Teaching Staff: Dr Rashne Limki
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Module is taught during the following terms
Autumn Spring Summer

Module Description

While many argue that the market provides choice, new technologies and overall improves our lives, others also argue that it manipulates and exploits people. This module is designed to address precisely this debate. It introduces students to new ways of looking at and understanding market activities, brand consumption, advertisements, and their meanings and the role that marketing plays in determining them. It also debates the wider social, ecological and psychological influences of marketing practice by engaging with theoretical frameworks from across disciplines.
This ten-week Module is designed to introduce students to the issues relating to marketing activities and their impact on individuals, organisations, and societies. Therefore, it also links marketing with wider organizational practice, civic participation and the contemporary world. This module therefore prepares the students to look at marketing and wider management differently. Over the ten weeks, the module will inculcate critical questioning skills and a deeper and more informed understanding of the nature of the world around us.


To provide critical understanding of the issues central to contemporary marketing practice and discourse
To identify the mechanisms used by marketers for creating, supporting, and subverting customer values in the global market
To develop a critical understanding of the development, implementation, and social consequences of marketing strategies and programmes in contemporary contexts
To provide critical understanding of the organisation and impact of marketing operations


By the end of the Module you should be able to:

1. Debate the role of marketing as a discourse that is embedded and reproduced in a variety of different spheres of society.
2. Engage in a variety of contemporary issues of marketing and apply a critical understanding to everyday life.
3. Critically analyse, using appropriate marketing and social science concepts and theories, marketing discourses and practices in contemporary society.
4. Examine the global linkages within marketing activities, and analyse dependencies between global and local contexts of marketing.

Learning and Teaching Methods

The Module is delivered through lectures supported by in-class discussions and student presentations. The Module consists of ten weekly sessions of three hours each. To present examples of current international marketing practice, the sessions include relevant case studies.


100 per cent Coursework Mark


One 2,500 word essay (40%) One 3,500 word essay (60%)

Other information

Postgraduate Administrator - Jade D'Mello

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External Examiner Information

  • Name: Dr Rita Kottasz
    Institution: Kingston University
    Academic Role: Senior Lecturer in International Business