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Dr Michael Halewood

Position in departmentPersonal Tutor/Applicant Days Co-ordinator/PGT Academic Offences Officer
Staff positionUndergraduate Director
Telephone3747 (non Essex users should add 01206-87 to the beginning of this number)
Office hoursTuesdays 4-5 Thursdays 2-3

Michael joined Essex in 2007 having completed his PhD and taught at Goldsmiths College, University of London. His research addresses the relationship of philosophy to social theory, including the work of A. N. Whitehead, Marx, Stengers, Irigaray, Butler, and John Dewey. 

He is an Associate Editor of the Whitehead Publication Project.  This project has a contract with Edinburgh University Press to produce a new critical edition of the complete works of A. N. Whitehead. It will also produce digital versions of Whitehead's works, letters, lecture notes etc.  . He is also an International Academic Advisor for the Whitehead Research Project. 

Michael is currently co-supervising a number of PhD students including one based at the University of Chicago.


BA (B’ham)  MA (London)  PhD (London)

Current research

He is currently working on a book titled Words and Things.  With individual chapters based around 'Nouns and Adjectives', Verbs', 'Adverbs', etc., this work will aim to introduce some of the moves within recent philosophy and social theory regarding language, concepts and reality, to a wider audience.

Research interests
  • the work of A.N. Whitehead and the interrelation of philosophy and social theory, including questions surrounding subjectivity, materiality, the body, abstraction, and capitalism.

Teaching responsibilities

SC 901 - Contemporary Sociological Theory (Module Convenor)

SC 301 - Current Disputes in Sociology (Module Convenor)

SC 201 - Continuity and Controversy in Sociology



 Halewood, M. (2011).  A. N. Whitehead and Social Theory. Tracing a Culture of Thought, London and New York, Anthem Press.  (Reprinted in 2013 in paperback).

 Halewood, M. (2014). Rethinking the Social. Durkheim, Marx, Weber and Whitehead, London and New York, Anthem Press.


Edited Collections

 Faber, R., Halewood, M. (eds). (2012). Butler on Whitehead. On the Occasion. New York, Lexington Books.


Journal Articles and Book Chapters

 Halewood, M. (2005).  ‘A.N. Whitehead, Information and Social Theory’, Theory in Culture and Society, 22 (6): 73-94. 

 Halewood, M. (2007) ‘On Whitehead and Deleuze – The Process of Materiality’ in Configurations (Johns Hopkins University Press) 13 (1): 57-76.

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 Halewood, M. (2012).  ‘On Natural-Social Commodities.  The Form and Value of Things’ in British Journal of Sociology, September, 2012. 63 (3): 430-50.

 Halewood, M. (2013). ‘Facts as Social Things’ in Faber, R. and Goffey, G. (eds) The Allure of Things, Bloomsbury Press, London, pp. 135-61.

 Halewood, M. (2014). ‘The Order of Nature and The Creation of Societies’ in The Lure of Whitehead, Nocek, A and Gaskill, N (eds.), Minneapolis, Minnesota University Press, pp. 360-78.

 Halewood, M. (2015). ‘On Equal Temperament:  Tuning, Modernity and Compromise’ in History of the Human Sciences, 28 (3): 2-21.

 Halewood, M. (2015). ‘Death, Entropy, Creativity and Perpetual Perishing: Some thoughts from Whitehead and Stengers’ in Social Sciences, 4, 655–667.

 Halewood, M. (in press). ‘Do those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease lose their souls?’ in Sociological Review.


Public Lectures


‘The Emotive Philosophies of A. N. Whitehead’s’. September 26th 2013. A lecture as part of the retrospective on the work of Siah Armajani at Parasol Unit – Foundation for Contemporary Art. ( 

‘”Speculating Materiality” -  A Dialogue between Michael Halewood and Tomislav Medek’. March 29th 2014. Lures of speculation Festival, Tanzquartier, Vienna.


Invited Lectures and Keynotes 

‘”A Culture of Thought”:  A. N. Whitehead’s challenge to modernity’.  April 30th 2010.  Institute of Advanced Social Research, Tampere, Finland. 

 ‘What is Sociology?  What does A. N Whitehead offer Sociology today?’.  April 28th 2010, University of Turku, Finland.

  ‘”A Culture of Thought”:  A. N. Whitehead’s challenge to modernity’.  April 27th 2010, University of Turku, Finland.

 ‘Durkheim Approaches the Social’. May 8th 2014, University of Turku, Finland

 ‘Durkheim’s Philosophy of the Social’, May 9th 2014, University of Helsinki, Finland.

 ‘Do those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease lose their souls?’ – Keynote lecture at a symposium ‘Concerning Relations: Sociologies of Conduct, Care and Affect’ held at the University of Exeter, November 28-9th, 2014.


Invited Conference and Seminar Presentations

‘Unsocial Life’ – presented at 10th International Whitehead Conference, Pomona College, California, June 5th 2015.

 ‘Death, Entropy, Creativity and Perpetual Perishing: Some thoughts from Whitehead and Stengers’ presented at Alternative Futures: Trans/Post-humanism and the transformation of the Lifecourse’ at the University of Cardiff, 6th May 2015.

‘The Inhumanity of Symbolism’ presented at a conference on Whitehead and Symbolism held at Claremont Graduate University, California, December 5th, 2014.

 ‘A Cosmopolitical Proposal?  Stengers on Proposals and Propositions; Paper given at a workshop on “Isabelle Stengers: Constructivism in Practice”, St Catherine’s College, Oxford, May 10th 2013.

 ‘On Equal Temperament.  Tuning the natural and the social.’  Presentation at Departmental Seminar, Department of Geography, University of Bristol, March 5th 2013.

 ‘There is no meaning to “creativity” apart from its “creatures”’.  Presented at a Unit of Play Seminar “A bid for novelty: conceptions of creativity” at Goldsmiths, University of London, Jan 10th 2013.

 ‘The Social Life of Propositions’. Presented at "Chromatiques whiteheadiennes" , May 19th 2012 at the Foundation Biermans-Lapôtre (Cité Universitaire, Paris).

‘The Social Life of Propositions’. Presented at “Life, Process and Philosophy” a conference organized by the Finland Academy of Science, Helsinki, Finland, May 11-12, 2012, Helsinki, Finland.

 ‘The Body as Process’.  Presented at “Negotiating Subjectivities - A One-Day Symposium Exploring Photography, Health & The Body”, 5th November 2011, Goldsmiths, University of London.

 ‘On Equal Temperament.  Tuning, Modernity and Compromise’.  Presented at the annual conference of the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, September 22-5, 2011, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

‘Facts as Social Things’.  Presented at “Metaphysics and Things.  New Forms of Speculative Thought,” December 2-4, 2010, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California.

‘On “Any” and “Some” in Process and Reality’ presented at “The Becoming of Whitehead’s Process and Reality in his later works” – Université de Liège, Belgium, November 25-26, 2010.

‘Conformation, Time and Actuality’.  Presented at the annual conference of the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, Indianapolis, Indiana, October 28th-21st 2010.

 ‘Language, the Body and the Problem of Signification’.  Presented at “Becomings, Misplacements, Departures: Butler and Whitehead as Catalysts for Contemporary Thought,” December 3-5, 2009, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California.

‘John Dewey and the Metaphysics of Possession’.  Presented to the Philosophy Graduate Workshop at Essex University, November, 12th 2009.

‘Marx on Possession.’  Presented at a seminar organized by the Groupe D’Études Constructivistes, June 12th 2009 at the Université Libre de Bruxelles


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