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Professor Jackie Turton

Staff positionFaculty of Social Sciences Deputy Dean (Education)
Telephone2658 (non Essex users should add 01206-87 to the beginning of this number)
Office hours By appointment

Jackie teaches both sociology and criminology in the Sociology Department at Essex and is currently Deputy Dean (education), Faculty of Social Sciences. She started at Essex University as an undergraduate after a career in the health service and completed her PhD: Child sexual abuse: understanding female offenders in 2003. She is an experienced qualitative researcher and has completed projects for both the Home Office and Department of Health and she links her research and analysis with policy and practice. For example as a result of earlier research conducted on behalf of the Home Office, Jackie was invited to act as a consultant and co-authored a report on interpreting and translation services for minority groups for the Ministry of Integration in Ireland. This report was used by the Irish Social Inclusion Unit to develop the National Intercultural Heath Strategy (2007-12), as well as informing the Review of Migrant Education (2009). Jackie's research with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (2004-5) considered the effect of complaints made against paediatricians in the cases of suspected child abuse. This work was used to inform the training manual for paediatricians and the Chief Medical Officer's proposals on expert evidence in family law cases, (see: 'Bearing Good Witness'). The report developed from this research is still being referenced in court cases see A v. Ward (2010) EWHC 16 (Family Division). Over the last two years she has taken part in discussions about female child abusers on Woman's (Radio 4) as well as Newstalk (Irish Radio) and chaired and spoken about female abusers at both national and international conferences. Most recently she has been working with a small multi-disciplinary team of researchers from Essex, developing an evaluation method for community projects delivering support women who have 'repeat losses to care' - children removed because of child protection concerns.


BA Sociology (Essex)

PhD (Essex)

Research interests
  • Child Protection
  • Children's Rights
  • Children and Young People as Victims and Offenders
  • Professional Responses to Crime
  • Women as Offenders/Victims
Teaching responsibilities

Current PHDs:

Barbara Robinson (Human Rights): The impact of gender-based violence on the right to education of girls in Sierra Leone

Shovita Adhikari: Rethinking child trafficking in Nepal: challenges, perspectives and good practice

Ruth Weir ( with Nick Allum) : Understanding the nature and prevalence of unreported domestic abuse: a collaborative study - [Collaborative funded - Essex County Council & ESRC]

Emma Milne (with Pete Fussey): Infanticidal women: a challenge for feminist criminologists [CHASE funded]

Gulcimen Karakaci (with Roisin Ryan-Flood): Wife abuse in contemporary Turkey [external funding]

Angela Jenner: Improving police responses to domestic violence: the voice of the victim [Collaborative funded - Essex Police & ESRC]

Aviah Day: A comparison of outcomes & safety implications for survivors of domestic violence: specialist versus generic courts [Collaborative funded - Standing together & ESRC]

Previous research students

Pongpanit Kanravee (Pim) : A critical analysis of the themes of disability, welfare and community in the Thai documentary series Kon Kon Kon.

Ya Wen Cheng: Struggling with justice:Women's experience of imprisonment in Taiwan

Kenny Monrose: Not as simple as ABC: a qualitative study of African-British Caribbean men

Konstantinos Douvlis: Reform through merger: a case study of 1984 police reorganisation

Mushabab Alqhatani: Youth crime in Saudi Arabia

MA by dissertation

Andrew Cadman: Domestic violence and male victims


Recent Publications

Cox P & Turton J, (at review 2017) The evidence of empowerment: framing responses to recurrent care proceedings, Critical Social Policy

Cox P, Barrett C, Blumenfeld F, Rahemtulla Z Taggart D & Turton J, (forthcoming 2017) Reducing recurrent care proceedings: Empowerment evaluation strategies, Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law
Turton J. (2017) Emotions, in Brisbane A. Carrabine E. & South N. The Routledge Companion to Criminology Theory and Concepts
Turton |J. (2014) Moral Panics and Youth Crime: Where are the girls? Discover Society, Policy Press online

Turton J. (2013) Betrayal of Trust: victims of maternal incest, in Warming H. (ed) Trust Dynamics in Governance of Children and Youth in Europe, Palgrave MacMillan

Turton J. (2012) Maternal Abuse: the emerging phenomenon of child sexual abuse, in Sheenhan R. Rhoades H. & Stanley N. (eds.) Vulnerable Children and the Law, Jessica Kingsley

Turton J, 2011, Female sexual abusers: assessing the risk, International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice (38).

Turton J, 2010, Maternal abusers: underlying concerns for children, Essex Human Rights Review, (7).

Turton J, 2010/2008, Child abuse gender and society, Routledge.                                         

Haines L & Turton J, 2008, Complaints in child protection, Archives Diseases of Childhood, (93).

Turton J & Haines L, 2007 An investigation into the nature and impact of complaints made against paediatricians involved in child protection procedures, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.


Recent conferences

Do we make it too difficult for women to talk about atypical feelings? The Ultimate Taboo: women involved in the sexual abuse of children, National multidisciplinary conferences, ccclimited, London 2015

Social denial & legal minimisation: the stories that women cannot tell, IALMH, Vienna, 2015 (with E. Milne)

Assessing the risk: maternal problems & repeated losses to care, IALMH, Vienna, 2015 (with P. Cox)

The ambiguity of motherhood, BASPCAN, Edinburgh, 2015 (with E. Milne)

Victims or Villains: modern perceptions of children, European Sociological Conference, Torino, Italy, 2013

Maternal Incest: challenges for child protection, International Academy of Law and Mental Health Conference, Amsterdam, 2013

Betrayal of Trust: victims of maternal incest, European Sociological Association Conference, Geneva, 2011

Female Sexual Abusers: a cultural analysis of denial, British Criminological Society Conference, Leicester, 2010

Betrayal of trust: children's rights as victims of maternal incest, British Criminological Society Conference, Leicester, 2010

Women who sexually abuse children: responses and risk-taking, British Society of Criminology Conference, Cardiff, 2009

Gender and child sexual abuse: understanding the risks for children, International Academy of Law and Mental Health, Tuscany, 2009

Female sexual abusers: assessing the risk, International Sociological Associaton, Barcelona, 2008

Women who sexually abuse: understanding children's rights, UKIERI, Essex, 2008

A qualitative investigation into the nature and impact of complaints made against paediatricians involved in child protection cases, International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect, York, 2006

Complaints in child protection: triggers and targets [plenary session], Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 10th Spring meeting, York, 2006

Child sex abuse: professional responses to female perpetrators, British Criminological Society Conference, Portsmouth, 2004

Maternal sex offenders: criminological considerations, Toledo, 2002

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