Sociology touches every aspect of your daily life. How you relate to politicians, celebrities, your teachers, your friends. How you define yourself, your family and others. At Essex we investigate what connects people and what divides them. We explore questions of social justice and equality.

We are in the top 25 sociology departments in the world and top-rated in the UK for the quality of our research. We embed our innovative and sometimes controversial research into both our undergraduate and postgraduate courses, linking theory with evidence. Our world-leading academics will teach you to have your finger on the pulse of modern society.

If you want to be stretched and challenged, if you're ready to develop a sociological imagination and take it out into the world, welcome home.

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Centre for Criminology

We're home to an international centre of excellence for the study of criminology. We attract the very best undergraduate and postgraduate research students and use our research as a basis for our teaching.

Undergraduate courses

We offer a range of undergraduate courses in sociology, criminology, anthropology, media and psychosocial studies. Learn from world-leading academics and gain the skills employers are looking for.