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Dr Tim Rakow (part-time)

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Following a BSc in Natural Sciences (mathematics and psychology; University of Durham) and several years teaching in London secondary schools, Tim Rakow completed an MSc in Research Methods for Psychology (UCL) and a Psychology PhD on pre-surgical judgement and decision making in paediatric cardiac surgery (UCL). He was appointed as a Teaching Fellow in the Department in 2000, became a Lecturer in 2004, a Senior Lecturer in 2007, and a Reader in 2012. Throughout that time, Tim has been active in teaching on a number of different undergraduate and postgraduate modules, and in conducting research on a range of topics related to judgement and decision making. Some of his recent research was funded by a Research Project Grant from the Leverhulme Trust.

Research interests
  • Judgement and decision making
  • Pre-decisional information acquisition
  • Risky choice, including decisions from experience
  • Strategies/heuristics for choice
  • Intuitive versus rules-based judgement
  • Risk communication and risk perception
  • Risk assessment
Teaching responsibilities

PS115 Statistics for Psychologists

PS118 Applied Psychology

PS300 Research Project (undergraduate)

PS488 Understanding Psychological Data


Publications since 2007

Walasek, L., Matthews, W. J., & Rakow, T. (in press). Feelings of ostracism and valuation of personal possessions: A test of the self-extension theory of ownership. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Ashby, N. J. S., & Rakow, T. (in press). Eyes on the prize? Evidence of diminishing attention to experienced and forgone outcomes in repeated experienctial choice. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making.

Brown, B., & Rakow, T. (in press). Understanding clinicians' use of cues when assessing the future risk of violence: A clinical judgment analysis in the psychiatric setting. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.

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Rakow, T. (2013). If quantum probability = classical probability + bounded cognition; is this good, bad, or unnecessary? Behavioral & Brain Sciences, 36, 304-305. [Peer commentary on: Pothos, E.M., & Busemeyer, J.R. Can quantum probability provide a new direction for cognitive modeling? Behavioral & Brain Sciences, 36, 255-327.]

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Rakow, T., Wright, R. J., Bull, C., Spiegelhalter, D. J. (2012). Simple and multi-state survival curves: Can people learn to use them? Medical Decision Making, 32, 792-804. DOI: 10.1177/0272989X12451057

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Andersson, P., & Rakow, T. (2007). Now you see it now you don’t: The effectiveness of the recognition heuristic for selecting stocks. Judgment and Decision Making, 2, 29-39.

Additional information

Associate Editor for Thinking & Reasoning

Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making

Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

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