Rosie Worsdale
Telephone01206 872712
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BA Philosophy and Politics, MA Ethics, Politics and Philosophy, both Essex

Current research

Post-structuralist theories of the subject; the idea of 'invisible suffering'.

Research interests

Feminist theory, the relationship between feminism and philosophy, political philosophy, Critical Theory, post-structuralist theories of the subject, and the ideas of suffering, emancipation and critique.

Study areas

 Feminism and political philosophy

SupervisorTimo Jütten
Thesis titleTowards an ontology of the subject for a radical feminist critique of sexual objectification

How can we formulate a critique of sexual objectification when the practices which constitute the phenomenon are largely sustained by women themselves? What considerations should we give the notions of agency, freedom, power, subjection and ideology when seeking such a critique? My thesis aims to answer these questions, incorporating insights from feminist theory, post-structuralism and contemporary critical theory in an effort to arrive at a satisfactory feminist critique of sexual objectification.

Additional information

I am President of the Essex Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP) Group

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