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John Lumsden
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I studied Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art before receiving an MA in Continental Philosophy at Essex and subsequently pursuing doctoral study in the philosophy department.


BA Wimbledon, MA Essex

Research interests

German Idealism (especially Schelling and Hegel), Critical Theory (especially Adorno and Benjamin), Marxism, Materialism, dialectics and anti-dialectics (Heidegger, Deleuze, Badiou)

SupervisorPeter Dews
Thesis titleAt the limit of the concept: logic and history in Hegel, Schelling and Adorno

In my thesis I compare Schelling’s and Adorno’s critique of Hegel in their attempts to elaborate a philosophy more appropriate to account for change. I focus on the worry that Hegel presents history as a logical unfolding and is therefore incapable of understanding qualitative transformation. Both Schelling and Adorno, in their different ways, recognise a certain validity to the Hegelian system, but search for what cannot—or should not—be swallowed thereby. By comparing these different attempts to evaluate Hegel’s dialectic I aim to bring new understanding to the philosophical foundations of a Critical Theory today.

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