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Dr Aris Perperoglou

Position in departmentSenior Lecturer in Statistics
Staff positionSenior Advisor, Disability Liaison Officer & Under 18s Link, Bridging Year Officer
Telephone01206 873036
Office hoursOpen door policy
  • BSc in Statistics, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece (2000)
  • MSc in Biostatistics, Athens University, Greece (2002)
  • Ph.D. in Statistics, Leiden University, The Netherlands (2006)
Research interests
  • Survival Analysis
  • Statistical Modelling and Smoothing
  • Clinical Trials
  • Medical Statistics
  • Data Analysis and Data Visualisation 
Teaching responsibilities

MA207-5-AU: Statistics II

ΜΑ216-5-SP: Survival Analysis

  • Khan Z, Gul A, Perperoglou A et al.  An Ensemble of Optimal Trees for Classification and Regression, Machine Learning, Under Review
  • Zuliana SU and Perperoglou A. Two Dimensional Smoothing via an Optimised Whittaker Smoother, BMC Bioinformatics, Under Review
  • Perperoglou A. A special case of Reduced Rank Models for identification and modelling of Time Varying Effects in Survival Analysis. Statistics in Medicine, To Appear
  • Gul A, Perperoglou A, Khan Z, et al. Ensemble of a subset of kNN classifiers, Advances in Data Analysis and Classification, Advances in Data Analysis and Classification. DOI: 10.1007/s11634-015-0227-5
  • Zuliana SU. Perperoglou A. The Weight of Penalty Optimization for Ridge Regression}. Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization. 2015,  Heidelberg. To Appear
  • Gul A. Khan Z. Perperoglou A. et al. Ensemble of Subset of k-Nearest Neighbours Models for Class Membership Probability Estimation. Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization. 2015, Heidelberg. To Appear
  • Khan Z. Gul A. Mahmood O. et al. An Ensemble of Optimal Trees for Class Membership Probability Estimation. Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization. 2015, Springer, Heidelberg. To Appear
  • Vassiliou V, Chin C, Perperoglou A, et al. 93 Ejection Fraction by Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Predicts Adverse Outcomes Post Aortic Valve Replacement, Heart, 2014, A53-A54
  • Mahmoud O, Harrison A, Perperoglou A et al. A feature selection method for classification within functional genomics experiments based on the proportional overlapping score. BMC bioinformatics, 2014;15: 274
  • Vassiliou V, Raphael C, Ali A, et al.  Midwall fibrosis and long-term outcome in patients with aortic stenosis. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 2014: 63 (12_S)
  • Ponnusamy V, Perperoglou A, Venkatesh V et al. Skin colonisation at the catheter exit site is strongly associated with catheter colonisation and catheter‐related sepsis, Acta Paediatrica, 2014; 103: 1233-1238
  • Perperoglou A. Cox models with dynamic ridge penalties on time‐varying effects of the covariates, Statistics in Medicine, 2014; 33(1): 170-180
  • Perperoglou A. Reduced rank hazard regression with fixed and time‐varying effects of the covariates, Biometrical Journal, 2012; 55: 38-51
  • Pappas D. and Perperoglou A. Constrained Matrix Optimization with an Application in Linear Regression, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, 2012; 40: 357-369
  • Chountasis S. Katsikis V. Pappas D. Perperoglou A. Reconstruction of radar signals using the Whittaker smoother and the Moore-Penrose inverse, Applied Mathematical Sciences, 2012, 25: 1205-1219
  • Perperoglou A. Optimization of Penalty Weights when Fitting Survival Data with Poisson Regression, Statistical Methods and applications, 2011, 20(4):451-462
  • Perperoglou A. and Eilers P.H.C. Penalized regression with individual deviance eff ects, Computational Statistics, 2010, 25(2): 341-361
  • Petsios K. Priftis K. Tsoumakas C. Perperoglou A. Hatziagorou E. Tsanakas J. Androulakis I. Matziou V. Cough a ffects Quality of Life in asthmatic children aged 8-14 more than other asthma symptoms, Allergologia et immunopathologia, 2009; 37(2): 80-88
  • Blazadonakis M. Perperoglou A. Zervakis M. Using a Single Neuron as a Marker Selector A Breast Cancer Case Study,  IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biological Society, 2007; 7: 4219-4222.
  • Perperoglou A. Keramopoullos A. van Houwelingen H.C. Approaches in modelling long term survival: An application to breast cancer, Statistics in Medicine, 2007;26(13): 2666-85
  • Perperoglou A. van Houwelingen H.C. Henderson R. A relaxation of the gamma frailty (Burr) model, Statistics in Medicine, 2006; 25(24):4253-4266
  • Perperoglou A. Le Cessie S. van Houwelingen H.C. Reduced-rank hazard regression for modelling non-proportional hazards, Statistics in Medicine, 2006;25(16): 2831-2845
  • Perperoglou A. Le Cessie S. van Houwelingen H.C. A fast routine for fi tting Cox models with time varying e ects of the covariates,Computer methods & programs in biomedicine. 2006;81(2):154-161
  • Papantoniou V.J. Souvatzoglou M.A. Valotassiou V.J. Louvrou A.N. Ambela C. Koutsikos J. Lazaris D. Christodoulidou J.K. Sotiropoulou M.G. Melissinou M.J. Perperoglou A. Tsiouris S. Zerva C.J. Relationship of cell proliferation (Ki-67) to 99mTc- (V)DMSA uptake in breast cancer, Breast Cancer Res. 2004;6(2):R56-62

Thesis titleModelling long term survival with non-proportional hazards
Additional information
  • Associate editor of Statistical Modelling, an International Journal.
  • Member of the STRATOS initiative (STRengthening Analytical Thinking for Observational Studies).
  • Member of the East of England RfPB Regional Advisory Committee (RAC)
  • Member of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) Science Journalism Programme Advisory Board.  
  • Member of the Judging Panel for RSS Statistical Excellence in Journalism Award. 
  •  Instructor for RSS Science Journalism Workshop.

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