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Professor Gobert received his undergraduate degree from Cornell University (BA, with a major in psychology) in 1967 and his law degree from Duke University (JD with Distinction) in 1970. He has taught in both the United States (University of Tennessee, University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University) and in the UK at the University of Essex, where he was appointed to a chair in 1988. His primary teaching interests are in Criminal Law and Criminology (with a specialty in corporate and white collar cimre).\CWCN\
Current research

Corporate and White Collar Crime -- see

Research interests
  • Corporate and White Collar crime
  • Juries and Jury Trial
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminology
  • Books
    1. Co-editor (with A.,M, Pascal) European Developments in Corporate Criminal Liability (2010)
    2. Rethinking Corporate Crime (CUP 2004)(with M. Punch)
    3. Cases and Materials on Corporate and White Collar Crime (University of Essex 2008)
  • Chapters and articles
    1. Squaring the Circles: The Relationship between Corporate and White Collar Crime in J. Gobert & A.M. Pascal (eds.) European Developments in Corporate Criminal Liability (2010)
    2. ‘The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 – Thirteen years in the making but was it worth the wait? (2008) 71 Modern Law Review 413
    3. The Evolving Legal Test of Corporate Criminal Liability in J. Minkes and L. Minkes (eds) Corporate and White Collar Crime (Sage 2008) at 61
    4. ‘What Motivates the White Collar Criminal?: A Critical Look at the Social, Environmental, Political, Economic, and Human Factors which underlie White Collar and Corporate Crime’ (with M. Punch) in H. Pontell and G. Geis (ed), White Collar Crime Handbook (2006)
    5. “The Politics of Corporate Manslaughter—The British Experience”, 8 Flinders Journal of Law Reform 1 (2005)
    7. “Corporate Killings at Home and Abroad – Reflections on the Government’s Proposals” (2002)118 Law Quarterly Review 72
    8. “Coping with Corporate Criminality – Some Lessons from Italy” [2002 Criminal Law Review 619 (with E. Mugnai)
    9. “Controlling Corporate Criminality: Penal Sanctions and Beyond” Web Journal on Current Legal Issues (April 1998)
    10. “Corporate Criminality: Four Models of Fault” [1994] Legal Studies 393
    11. Corporate Criminality: New Crimes for the Times” [1994] Criminal Law Review 722.
    'Rethinking Corporate Crime' (with M. Punch), (Cambridge University Press 2003)
  • 'Cases and Materials on Criminal Law' (with J. Dine), (Oxford University Press 2006)
  • 'Justice, Democracy and the Jury' (Dartmouth/Ashgate 1997)
  • 'Jury Selection' (Shepard's/McGraw-Hill 1991)


European Developments in Coporate Criminal Liabiility -- Sept. 2009

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