PhD Students

Mr Georgios Zouridakis
Office hoursFridays, 16.00-17.00

LL.B Democritus University of Thrace, Greece

LL.M European Business Law (PALLAS), University of Essex

Lawyer at the Athens Bar Association (Advocate)

Research interests

Comparative Law, Company Law, Corporate Governance, Leximetrics

Teaching responsibilities

Company Law; EU Law


Zouridakis G, 'Contractual Freedom and the Corporate Constitution; A Study on where Greek Law Stands in a Comparative Context and the Way Forward' in Frenkel DA (ed), Selected Issues in Public Private Law (Athens Institute for Education and Research 2015)

Study areas

Comparative Law; Company Law; Corporate Governance

SupervisorDr Marios Koutsias
Thesis titleSurviving the Greek economic crisis: a comparative study on the legal framework for shareholder rights protection appropriate to attract investment.

  • Does Law Matter in Distribution of Profits? A Comparative Examination, 2nd Annual Edinburgh Postgraduate Law Conference, Edinburgh,UK, December 2014
  • The case for multiple derivative actions in Europe, International Conference on Trade, Business, Economics and Law (ICTBEL), London, UK, November 2014
  • Contractual Freedom and the Corporate Constitution; a Study on Where Greek Law Stands in a Comparative Context and the Way Forward, 11th Annual International Conference on Law (Mini Conference on Law & History; ATINER), Athens, Greece, July 2014

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