PhD Students

Mr Ahmed Basrawi (under examination)

From 2000 to 2008 senior Lawyer at  Alim law firm

Saudi Arabian Legal Profession Practice, Ministry of Justice License # (55/25)

Member of the Arab Bar Association (ABA) 

Officially Certified Arbitrator in Saudi Arabia


- Macter in law  by reserch from Cairo univeriisty.  2004 Egypt

- post garduate diplomaa.   international trade &investment law. cairo university  2002. 

- LLB. in law. king Abdulazziz Univercity. 2000 Saudi arabia 

Research interests

 - puplic private partnership.

- project Finance

- international investment law 

- contract law. 

- investment arbitration. 

SupervisorYouseph Farah
Thesis titleThe legal Effect of Termination Build Operate Transfer Contract According to Saudi Law

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