PhD Students

Mr Mohammed ALEisa

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  • Lawyer & Co-Founder of AL-Eissa Law Firm.
  • The General Organisation for Social Insurance (GOSI), worked as a Legal Adviser and General Manager of Pensions.
  • Maintenance Forces Command of the Ministry of Defence, worked as a Lawyer and Legal Researcher.
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, worked as a Labour Complaints Investigator.
  • Dr. Ibrahim Al-Eissa Law Firm, worked as a Lawyer.
  • The Saudi Investment Bank, worked as a trainee prior graduation.

  • LL.M. in International Trade Law, University of Essex, the UK. 2010.
  • Graduate Diploma in English for Academic Purposes, University of Essex, the UK. 2009.
  • LL.B. Law, King Saud University, Riyadh. 2000.


 Weekly Writer in AL-Eqtisadiah NewsPaper, which  is the specialized business and financial newspaper in the Saudi Arabia. 

Study areas

  • International Commercial Arbitration.
  • International Trade Law.
  • Commercial Law.
  • Islamic Sharia Law.
  • Social Insurance Law
SupervisorDr. Youseph Farah
Thesis titleA Critical Analysis of the Legal Problems associated with Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in Saudi Arabia: Will the New Saudi Arbitration Law (2012) Resolve the Main Legal Problems?
Additional information
  • Member of the Saudi Research and Marketing Group (SRMG) until 5/2015.
  • Member of the Audit Committee of (SRMG) until 5/2015.
  • Secretary-General of the GOSI’s Board until 8/2014.
  • Member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee of (SRMG) until 12/2014.
  • Member of Scholarship and Training Committee of (GOSI) until 2013-2014.
  • Participating in a number of committees to develop electronic systems in (GOSI).
  • Participating in a number of committees to discuss with international expertise to restructure and establish a different type of departments.    
  • Participation in the legal review of the laws and regulations related to Saudi Labour Law and Social Insurance Implementation Rules.  

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