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Ms Joanna Crosby (part-time)

I took a ten year gap between my BA (in English Literature and History at Leicester Polytechnic) and my MA (Heritage Management, Ironbridge Institute). After which my  varied career in all aspects of university administration continued for another few years. Having made redundant from English Heritage, I decided to go for the PhD. I am self funded, which is a challenge.
I have worked as a food historian, writing articles, giving cookery demonstrations and lecturing on a number of topics. For a few years I worked with a chocolate company and researched and lectured on the history of chocolate. Now my main culinary interest is in all things apple-related, and in Victorian cookery.

Current research

I am working on all aspects of the wassail ceremony ; especially how it was viewed, practiced and interpreted by the Victorians, but also the wassail through time and its modern variations.

SupervisorDr Peter Gurney
Thesis titleAn investigation of the social and cultural history of the apple during the Victorian era (1837-1901), with consideration of how its status influenced, and was affected by, its commercial value

Over the past two years I have presented at/to:
The Oxford Food Symposium
The Herbal History Research Network Conference
Cambridge Plant Heritage Society
Ashdon Garden Club
Girton Garden Club
Romney Garden Club
Trumpington Community Orchard supporters
Leeds Symposium on Food History and Traditions
Essex Postgraduate History Conference 'Scandalous Histories.'

Additional information

I am interested in all things apple related, and I help to run a community orchard in Trumpington. Cambridge. Take a look at our website and Facebook page.
Trumpington Community Orchard Project website
Trumpington Orchard Facebook page

If you have any apple information, please get in touch.

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